About us

Mina T. Firman - Industry Pioneer

David Rebb Firman, founder of Pollen Collection & Sales, learned the pollen business from the ground up working with his grandmother, Mina T. Firman, a pioneer in the industry who began collecting and distributing pollen in 1933. The equipment we use has evolved with the times, however, the procedures for collecting and processing pollen have remained the same over the 70+ years since Mina started her business. The methods worked brilliantly then and they continue to work brilliantly for us today.

Pollen Collection & Sales provides high quality products and services. Our pollen comes from handpicked blossoms in healthy, disease free orchards in the states of California, Washington and Oregon. Blossoms are harvested just before they open and are hulled within a few hours to remove their anthers. The anthers release pollen when dried thoroughly in a controlled environment. Pollen is packaged and kept frozen until it is time for shipments.