Bloom Set Media

bloom set media

Bloom Set Media is a proprietary blend of:

  • Macro & Micro Nutrients for Flowers and Pollen necessary for Fruit Set
  • Important Amino Acids Required for Pollination
  • Natural Plant Hormones Essential for Fruit set
  • Pollen needs to be added to the media (ex. Almond, Pistachio, Cherry, Plums…etc.)

How does it work?

The Ingredients in the media have been designed to feed both the Flowers and the Pollen grains resulting on increased fruit set

The natural Aminoacids in the media increase the nutrient uptake of both the flower and pollen grain

The natural plant hormones are activated by the aminoacids in the media

Fruit set is increased as a result of a balanced nutritional media








It is recommended to Use an Electrostatic Ground Spray Rig

Make Two applications of the Bloom Set Media + the Pollen of your crop

  • Timing of applications:
  • First at 45 % Bloom
  • Second at 75 % Bloom
  • Use 40 gallons of water/acre with a LectroBlast Electrostatic Sprayer
  • Use 20 gallons/acre with an On-Target Electrostatic Sprayer